Thursday, May 19, 2011

Adi: update

Are you getting sick of this yet? Yes, our lives have become puppy-fied. 
Everything revolves around her and we love it. 

We've had her for over two weeks now and it feels like we've never known our marriage without her. She has truly become integrated into our lives. 

Things are progressing very well with her potty training...we fixed our christmas bells onto the front door and have been rewarding her each time she rings them to let us know she needs to go potty. 
So far today, five times...and NO ACCIDENTS! 

...We're still working on the whole biting thing though. Seriously, she thinks I'm a chew toy when I try to scratch her or play with her. Any advice?! I've tried both flicking her nose and holding her nossel closed when she does it. Neither is working. HELP!

Happy Thursday! 
Tomorrow is friday. TGIF!

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Tricia said...

Okay so I know some people are not for it, but as far as breaking bad habits there has been one thing that works wonderfully for Bruin: squirt gun.

We have a low pressure squirt gun (my parents use plant watering spray thing) and whenever he does something we're not happy with like come into the kitchen while we're eating, or jumps up on us we squirt him. Now all we have to do is show him the water wielding weapon and he peaces out of the kitchen.

For biting specifically I've also heard retracting whatever they're biting on (let's say hand) real quick and making a high pitched "ow" sound. I think it has something to do with when they were with their litter mates that's how they'd react?

But every dog is different. Hopefully you'll find something! Good luck!