Thursday, May 05, 2011


For those that don't know, or weren't reading when I posted it, when I turned 21 I made a list of 21 goals for this year of life to make it an amazing year. One of those things, was to 'get a puppy....or two'. No we didn't get two puppies (that's a ways down the road), but we finally got the precious little one I've been hoping for. 

Adeline{Ad-eh-lahyn} meaning 'little noble' in french. We're calling her Adi for short.
Weighing in at ten pounds exactly, and over 20 inches from her wet little nose to the tip of her tail.
She has a white little patch on her chest, and then is black all the rest over.
She is the sweetest little thing ever!

Any guesses as to what breed she is?

Hypoallergenic, already potty trained, and so so sweet. 
She only barked at me once, and that was because she didn't want to get in the car (she gets car sick). 
She's very intelligent, and very lovable. Not high energy, but definitely has a personality of her own. 

She is the most precious thing ever. I can't wait for all the wonderful times she's going to have with Jared and I. Camping, fishing, hiking, chasing balls. Being our best friend.
I look forward to those days.
But for now, here's to days when hopes and dreams come true.


p.s. for those of you that guessed labradoodle, you were right!


Harley said...

So adorable! I love love love.

harley said...

So cute!!!