Tuesday, May 03, 2011

{Tea Party} of a Time

Finally, finally we are back. Doesn't that make you just so happy? It does me. I seriously have missed blogging a ton. Finals+moving+cleaning for over ten hours at our old apt. plus our new one = an overwhelming couple of weeks. Anyways, we are finally unpacked and so its time to catch up!

Over a week ago my mother and I threw an extremely fun, prim, and spunky shower for my gorgeous cousin Lauren who is getting married to the man of her dreams on May 7th at the Salt Lake Temple. Being that she's the closest cousin in age to me on both sides of the family, makes me very excited for her wedding.

She wanted a 'time' coordinated shower, and seeing as it was so close to the Royal Wedding, I thought it'd be super cute to do a English tea time feel to it. And if I do say so myself, it turned out SOOO cute!

 {Pincock Cousins+Aunt Vellis}

{Lauren+Aunt Shelly}

Everyone wore their own style of hat, which was really fun.
Then we chatted, ate, and then opened some presents

And then of course we had some great games. 

The first was the classic 'how well do you know your fiance' game which I didn't get pictures of, and then I arranged a secret drop in from the fiance Cory, and some guests (Lauren's bros) to play the last game. 

Lauren was blindfolded, and then had to distinguish Cory from the others by only touching a certain part for ex. an ear, or nose. I thought legs would be much harder. And much more hilarious.

Lauren's response to all this was, "Mom, this is SOO inappropriate," which of course made it even better. By the end there was not a single lady who wasn't laughing hysterically. I laughed so hard that I was crying.

Cute couple.

Overall it was a blast to throw Lauren's shower and it made for a very fun Saturday!

Stay tuned, I will be putting up pictures of our new place and 
some very exciting developments for our family later this week.


p.s. this week is kind of a miscellaneous week. Sorry for that!

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