Friday, May 06, 2011

Puppy love

TGIF. Seriously. Although these past two days with our brand new puppy have been perfect, I'm ready for a break from trying to juggle school, work, and a brand new pup who needs constant attention. And since I know you guys are going to get sick of hearing about my little baby Adi, I thought I'd switch it up today. See, I told you this was going to be the week of serious randoms. 

1. What I love the most about my home is...coming home to my beautiful puppy, and handsome husband. Even though I often wait up for him to get home to spend time with him at home, I still love having my little family all together.

2. I'm excited because...saturday is my cousin's wedding which we're going to and it will be a beautiful all day event. And it will be the first time our family get to meet our Adi. We can't wait!

3. My preferred method for blowing off steam when I'm frustrated is...sitting in my car outside my house before I come in, having a very intense conversation with myself on how I handled my frustrations. So if you ever see me making wild hand gestures when I'm the only one in the car...just walk away.

4. Currently I'm craving...nothing. I just satisfied my hunger with some delicious mac n cheese.

5. The thing I love the most about my mom is...she always has a solution, piece of advice, or outpouring of love to give me when I see her and talk to her on the phone.

6. If I were going to write a book the title would be...'the heart of a daydreamer'. I feel like I daydream a lot. Maybe because I get bored in class, or at work, but its the best way for me to spend time when I have nothing particularly of interest to do. Thank goodness I have friends that help keep me on track.

7. If I had one thing to eat for the rest of eternity it would be...Cafe Rio Pork Salad. Enough said. If you haven't had the opportunity to have one and you ever get the chance, try it. Seriously.

Happy Friday!



Anonymous said...

Love your method of blowing off steam!!! 'Just walk away...' LOL. :o)

Cherie @ Lots of Jewels' Blog said...

I just happen to like anyone who talks to themselves!

Have a great weekend!

leah @ modern day gidget said...

what i would do for some baked mac and cheese right now!! That sounds delish!!!!!