Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NayNay photoshoot

I'm sorry, but its true. I am slowly turning a little photography crazy. 

Top three signs:

1. What I asked my husband for, as my anniversary present...(yes, we're closing in on our one year anniversary! 16 days)...a monopod/tripod/remote set for my camera. Yes people. I know. No perfume, no clothes, not even flowers- although that doesn't mean I wouldn't like some..hint hint honey.

2. I have officially already worn out my welcome with my husband and my photographing him at random moments. I am soon to become dubbed WWAC. That's Wife With A Camera if you didn't know.

3. I stop and have totally TOTALLY random and spontaneous photoshoots with things I see as I'm traveling somewhere.

On my way home today (aka provo) from our second home (aka North Salt Lake) I drove past this pasture and happened to see some horsies...and I quickly pulled over. I definitely made some new friends and I think they didn't dislike me to much either cause they stayed still which was perfect. 

Adi was slightly jealous though...

She was so good, just sat and waited. All NINETEEN lbs of her. 
Yep, my puppy is now 19 lbs. Holy goodness. We need to slow down on the puppy chow. 

Happy Tuesday,

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Harley said...

these look super great melissa!

Rachelle said...

hahaha. bitten by the photobug! It's a great hobby to explore - full of discovery, growth, passion, and new vision. Love the horse collection.

Christina said...

I love angle extreme angle shots of animals! Kudos!

Leigh said...

That second shot is a great perspective! Love it!