Monday, March 28, 2011

the BIG 21

The reason I've been so excited for today was that it was a monumental day...cause I turned 21! Since I had school, work, and a trip to the DMV to take up my day, its been more like a birthday party weekend instead of a birthday day. Saturday my sweetie took me to my ultimate fav. restaurant Red Rock Cafe (go there if you haven't!)

 {Yes, that is my sweetheart making faces. Can you tell he hates posing for pictures?}
and ordered my ultimate fav. food... fried green tomatoes. Mmm! Then we went and saw limitless, which was a great movie in the fact it was fast paced, but I hated HATED the ending. Oh well, not all endings are as amazing as Inception's was.

Today for my actual birthday my hubby took me to Cafe Rio which is just divine. Pork Salad, yes please! It just breaks my heart when I hear that its only in a couple states. People don't know what they're missing out on! Then I helped Jer hand pick some lovely birthday items for me from Cherry Lane Boutique.

{Cute scarf and earrings that I am going to LOVE!}

Love that place! I can always find great things. In general, I just love boutiques. I completely prefer them over department stores, and shops at the mall because everyone goes into those places, and boutique are more indigenous to the area.

Ah thanks honey, SUCH a surprise!
 {Just fyi, it was NOT that much.}

How was this for a cute outfit to go to the DMV?
{See those cute shoes? They're from DSW via my momma}

All in all, a great birthday so far! Tomorrow: shopping with my madre ALL DAY in PC. Any good places I should go? New stores other than those in Tanger Outlets?


Katie said...

cauuuute cardigan! Happy {late} birthday!

Mr.s W said...

awww I didnt know it was yer birthday. happy birthday