Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Fevah'!!!

Has it hit you yet? So remember those new fashion craves I've been having? I gave into one of them.

What do you think of this ensamble? Would you have paired it with different accessories?

Sorry for the close up on my chest... I just wanted to show the detailing on the dress. So cute huh?!

So you know how some items in your closet just have these entertaining stories associated with them? Well, this definitely tops any of the stories my others clothes have ever had.

To start off with, I purchased this dress from a TJMaxx store near where I live on Monday last. Two days later on Wednesday, I was up near my parents home (Bountiful) planning on lunch at Cafe Rio with a friend. I arrived earlier than he did, so I went next door to TJMaxx to kill some time. And of course I was wearing this spectacular dress to show my sense of Spring. Anyways, I walk into TJMaxx, found the sweater pictured above and decided to buy it because it was very festive for the season (Yes, those exact words came to my mind to justify my decision to buy it). So I went to ring it up. Around that time my friend Bill showed up and he walked me out of the store after I bought the sweater.

We were barely out the door as the sale clerk who rang me up comes running out of the store saying, "Excuse me, but you have a tag still on". I, of course thought she was referring to the sweater, but no. To my dismay the tag on my dress was still there, and it was HANGING OUT. She then continued to ask me, "Where did you buy that dress?" and then, "Do you have the receipt for it?" From her tone, and facial expressions, I could tell she clearly thought I had STOLEN the dress and then had the gumption to walk out in it. I could have died right there on the spot. I was SOOOO embarrassed, I'm positive I went bright red, and I'm even more sure that my blood pressure and pulse raised by 40 points each. And of course all the people walking by did double takes, and some even stopped to watch. After I assured the clerk that I had purchased the dress from a different TJMaxx store, and I rifled through my purse to try and find the receipt to no avail, she finally let me go with the very curt warning of, "Next time, BE SURE to take of the tags before you walk back into the SAME STORE you bought it from".

I understand her actions because I too worked in sales where you had to be very careful about things getting stolen, but at the same time she was VERY rude. I doubt if I'll go into the Bountiful TJMaxx for a long looooong time. is a very funny story considering the circumstances. And it's a good one to retell!

Have you ever had a similarly embarrassing experience?

Speaking of embarrassing experience, check out this picture of my sweet hubby...

...this is put up with his permission, but isn't he just hilarious?! He never fails to make me laugh! I love this man so much! I cannot believe it will only be three more months and then we'll be at our one year mark!

Happy Spring!


Katie A. said...

wow the bra on jared's face! that's funny! Also I love the dress and the cardigan. I'm thinking I need one of those dresses.

Mr.s W said...

oh my goodness! LOVE the dress and sweater! so cute! you look adorable. How embarrasing tho in the store! jared, quit wearing melissas bras!

Shannon Olson said...

That is a great spring look, the accessories work well! I found your blog on For the love of blogs.