Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{One year older and wiser}

This next year of my life, I want to not take one single moment, day, and experience for granted. I want to live life to the fullest, and do everything I can to make the best of every chance I have been given in this life. So the day before my b-day (Sunday) I put together twenty one goals I want to accomplish or change this year to better my life.

1. go (and continue going) to a chiropractor. My back often has a lot of aches and pains from my work, and I'd like to be feeling the best I can which means going to get my knots and ribs put back in place
2. go to yoga at least once if not twice a week. We recently watched a movie in one of my classes called The Mastery of Chi. I really REALLY think there's something behind the chinese philosophy
3. go off chocolate/ice cream/candy/cake for at least three months in the next year. Enough said.
4. stop eating out as much. Maybe twice a week. I haven't eaten a home cooked meal at our apt. in weeks...
5. go on one weekend vaca. each month
6. keep my garden pots alive
7. get a puppy....or two
8. make a budget
9. build a better savings, like one that a bank would accept for a house down payment
10. stop online shopping except for things I can only get online. Like cheap scrubs
11. do more crafts. they are so relaxing for me
12. start going on walks with my hubby each week
13. go back to not drinking carbonated drinks anymore. My BP has changed from 100/60 to 120/80. Not unhealthy, but I don't like how much its changed since I start working more
14. go visit Hawaii, New York, and California
15. Convince Jared to go to Disneyland...THIS YEAR
16. do my own manicures- acrylic nails are just to much money for what they are
17. get a hair cut at least every two months
18. start reading scriptures by myself EVERY DAY
19. only work one sunday a month
20. don't negative self talk myself
21. find new ways to love my husband, and myself.

I think that if I follow through with all of these, in a year I will be so much LESS stressed, and so much more happier!

Here are some pics from the day. Mom took me for a girls day out and we shopped till we dropped! Literally, PC, Gateway mall, Fashion Place as well.

Started off the day at one of my favorite places to eat for lunch, Rainbow Gardens. Isn't it quaint?

Yes, I'm still thinking about my glittery TOMS from Nordstroms

 Stopped by Sephora, and bought a little somethin' somethin' for myself
{Poppy by Coach if you can't tell}

and I got the best thing a girl could ask for - my long lost favorite Aunt Diane stopped by with a handmade quilt made especially for my by her and Aunt Vellis. Love those ladies!

Do you have a family member you absolutely LOVE seeing or getting visits from?

Happy Tuesday!

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Alex said...

I like number 7!!! Maybe start with one and then get another one though...