Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fellow Co-workers

I don't know how many people can say how glad they are to work where they do. I absolutely LOVE where I work. There are so few negative things, and they only have to do with the scheduling of the aides. I have made more friends at my work then I have every made it my three years of college. Or any other job previous to this one.

Most people do not like the idea of working in close proximity with lots of people on a highly personal level, or the idea of working in the health care field. The usual responses I get when I disclose that I work as a CNA at a rehabilitation facility are, "Ew, you must deal with ....a lot of crap" no pun intended. Or, "I could NOT do your job". Or, "That must be really hard". Yes my job was hard at the beginning, but like every other job, once you learn and perfect what you need to do, it becomes that much easier.

Anyways, point is I love my job, and my co-workers and it is one of those things that brings me immense joy to be able to help others.

I actually had to work on my birthday, and my friend Sandra also had to work on her birthday, which coincidentally is the day after mine. So we had a little party at work.

Sandra, isn't she just gorgeous?

Nani, the awesome-est nurse ever!

Me, Sandra, and Tori who is leaving us...FOREVER. Booo.

Cake, Cheesecake, and excluded from the photo - Pizza. We eat things like this fairly often at work, hence why I made rule #3 of my 21~4~21 (21 goals for 21st year).

Overall, best birthday ever so far!

p.s. I forgot that sweet amazing Tori gave me this for my b-day.

Love that girl!

What do you love about your work?
 What things or experiences from your life would you never change for anything?

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Mr.s W said...

It really is so important that you love where you work, I'm so glad that you do!