Friday, March 18, 2011

Ides of March

So, for those of you know knew I was planning on the 5K this past saturday...well I didn't run it. But I have a perfectly good explanation. The ides of March got me.

Quite seriously, I went to bed with an irritated eye, and woke up with pink nastiness. This of course meant I would have to wear glasses...and well I'd love to see how long running with glasses would last. Any guesses? Probably about .5 seconds (cause mine are really loose).  Seeing as yesterday was the luck 'O the irish I was hoping it would go away...but it hasn't. Oh well! 

So the ides of March have caused a bit of crazed fashion changes that have quite seriously been on my mind of since...well the beginnings of March. I don't know if its because I have an itch because spring is around the corner, or if I just work so much at night that I can cyber shop but...

1. I'm actually considering buying some TOMS. I know, shocking right? Its that same kind of feeling I got in 4th grade when everyone got scooters and I only DESPERATELY wanted one only because everyone else had one. Anyone else remember that? I'm pretty sure I used it like maybe four or five times, one of those being on Christmas day in the snow. But I am quite seriously attracted to the glitter TOMS even though I said I would NEVER get them. I think I'm becoming slowly O.K. with them...

Am I crazy to like these? Aren't they all a girl would ever want? Shiny and comfortable? I dunno. Help me out here. I'm still on the fence.

2. a MAXI dress. Just the name makes me feel like it won't fit, but I tried one on and they seem ultra comfy! It seems of late (since being married) that I am not really interested in the super cute stuff that's heels and skirts you have to keep tugging to stay down. Anybody with me on that one?

Of course, worn modestly.

3. New makeup makes me so happy! Is anyone else like that? Even though I only wear makeup maybe 1% of the time I still love going to try on new shades or new brands. Right now I am quite in love with NARS blush 'Super Orgasm'

which is quite seriously the best blush I have EVER had. It stays put, and gives your cheeks a nice warm pink shimmer. It's almost perfect for any skin tone. Seriously. Check it out.

4. 3/4 sleeve cardigans. Is anyone else just completely estatic that they can go outside with just a sweater on?! Truly, it makes me SOOO happy!

and who doesn't love this bright sophisticated sweater? I've been eyeing for a couple weeks.

5. Yoga clothes. So I feel I should explain this, but I'm making an amendment to my NYR which is that I want to start going to yoga classes at LEAST once a week. Confession: I am not a big runner. I ran in high school to stay in shape for tennis...and that was about it. As I don't need to run now to stay in shape- because I'm walking over ten miles a day between work and school- I would rather partake in a form of exercise that I enjoy. And I love yoga. Ever since my high school yoga class I have become a believer in it. So my birthday present to myself is to enroll in a yoga class and then GO.

and who wouldn't want to go to yoga class in this?

Point proven.

I'm looking forward to spring coming and all the changes it brings! I just can't wait!!!


Tyler + Jess said...

You've gotta get some TOMS! Oh my gosh I love mine! They are thee most comfortable shoes I own! But I will say they sure do get stinky (which is common). But I highly recommend them!
Im in looove with those dresses. I have one and I am in need for more to wear this summer. So if you happen to know where to get them help!!

Mr.s W said...

CUTE cardigan, sorry about the pink eye :( I am myself excited for spring! maxi dresses are comfy, but I have yet to find one that doesn't make me look like I'm pregnant :S

Anonymous said...

Hey! I got you for the spring blog swap and I'm a new follower. I'm looking forward to catching up with your posts! :)