Monday, March 21, 2011

Skool (school)

Have any of your ever wondered what you're life would be like, if you didn't have the education/family/upbringing that you had?

Have you ever wondered what benefits you have gained over someone who doesn't have as good of a school, teachers, mentors, and motivators?

What has your education system helped you be able to achieve? College? A well paying job that isn't minimum wage? Releasing yourself from poverty?

In my recent sociology class, we discussed this documentary, Waiting for "Superman"

And let me tell you, it is amazing. It brings me to tears with gratitude for all the teachers that never gave up on me, that saw a future for me, and who knew I could be and do better.

Below is the trailer.

Thank you teachers for pushing me to get a college education, to get my homework done when I didn't want to, and most importantly to believe in myself.

It really makes me grateful for the education that I got, and the one I am currently receiving because of my excellent public education.What are you waiting for? Take some time and watch this documentary. It's available on iTunes, amazon, ebay, etc.

*getting off my soap box now*

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