Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm sorry. I'm very very sorry I left you high and dry this week blogging world. 
Finals have taken over my life. I'm sorry. 

I'm also sorry to the security guard I chewed out at the library yesterday about not letting me bring in my cherry limeade from sonic. If you're reading this security guard guy, I'm sorry. Its finals week. Tensions are high, and you really pissed me off. But I felt bad right after I walked away with my 'tude' and cherry limeade-less hands. 

Forgive me. All *$@#'s broken loose. Cause its finals week. Don't worry, I comforted myself with a 44 oz. D.P. tonight.

It will all be over tomorrow.


p.s. I haven't showered in over two...maybe three days. I'm not quite sure. I've lost track. How bad+gross+revolting is that? 

p.p.s. as I said. Its finals week.

p.p.p.s. tomorrow I will wow you with something beautiful. I promise.


sartorial diary said...

haha i guess everything's fair in love,war and finals week!
and 2-3 days without showering sounds normal enough to me(hey that's what perfumes and deodrants are for,right?)!
also best of luck for your finals!

Bobowhee said...

I think I went 5 days the week before many papers to write and grade...not enough time to do it all AND have good hygiene habits.