Monday, April 04, 2011

Je ne sais quoi

: something that cannot be adequately described or expressed.

Doesn't every woman want to have that kind of allure to her? To have people know her, like her, and be filled with intrigue as to what makes her so appealing that it cannot be expressed in words?

A lot of the world looks at je ne sais quoi as an intimate or sexual aspect, but I feel that every woman (and man) can and should have something in-describable about them in every setting or environment they find themselves in.

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I fully and truly believe that thing that cannot be adequately described or expressed is confidence. Confidence in whatever she is, a poet, painter, singer, dancer, runner, mother, etc. Although specifically, I don't feel that confidence in what you do is just the answer, however that is VERY important. I feel it is even more overwhelmingly critical about having confidence in how you do what you do such as being graceful, strong willed, outspoken, intelligent, witty, funny, tender hearted, calming, reassuring, etc.

In addition to this confidence and positive attitude of how you live your life, I think a fundamental basis of someone who has je ne sais quoi is that they have values+beliefs+integrity. Find something you believe in, something you try and live each day for. Leave each situation you find yourself in, better than you found it. For me, this is my religion. For everyone it may be different, the key is to just find something that makes you want to be a better person.

Whether you're a right or left brain thinker, this concept of life applies to you.

How do you go about doing the things you do, work, home life, school etc.?
Overall, do you feel like you try and leave people with positive feelings no matter how tired, annoyed, stressed, or anxious you are?
What will you change to develop your je ne sais quoi?

In the end, je ne sais quoi is to leave them wanting more. Wanting to spend more time with you, to hear more of what you have to say, to see more of what you do.

How will you do that?


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