Monday, April 18, 2011


Excuse my lack of a theme this week. It is FINALS week at BYU so naturally I'm a little preoccupied. Don't hate me though blogging world. I'll still entertain you.

So far, this week CANNOT get any better!!!!

Yesterday I got to take the more adorable pics of our brand new nephew...
{He's super wiggly}
Cute yes? I know. 
Sorry, He's mine. 

In addition we got a call from our landlord Julie last night, with the absolute BEST of news. I think I told you all this...but we showed our apt. last friday to a lady in the ward. She said she'd, "think about it". Which is the classic response of not happening. Anyhoo, she decided after all that she wanted it! And better then anything else, she wants it beginning of May a month before our lease is up...which means we get to move when we want to!

No, we don't have another apartment lined up, no we haven't got any boxes to pack our apartment into, and no we don't know exactly how this is going to work out. But that's all part of the adventure isn't it? I love a little spontaneity every once in a while as well as change. So, for now our plan is coming together perfectly.

And then today, I took two of my five finals, did stellar awesome and then got home to find my new shoes had arrived...
{Rather summerful aren't they}

and then our federal tax return came in the mail today! Can't wait for our trip to Hawaii this fall.
Oh yeah!

Hope your week so far is as wonderful as ours!


Katie A. said...

Oh my heavens! He is so cute! I think he looks quite a bit like Isis! oh and cute sandals by the way!

Anonymous said...

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