Friday, April 08, 2011

Redeemed Embarrassment Friday

You know when you get those days that you don't have to do anything? Today was one of those DIVINELY BEAUTIFUL days. I got to sleep in until 2pm. Yeah, I know rather wasteful! But I was rather tired from my graveyard shifts+molecular biology test so I didn't feel to bad.

Once I was up and going I was determined to make this a day of whatever I wanted it to be, which included some YOGA, shopping, and getting a hair cut.

Everything was on schedule. I made it to my yoga class on time, early actually, dressed and ready with water. I walked into a fairly large class which I was expecting to be easy, calming, and relaxing. Oh how was I wrong. At least fifty shivasina's and downward dogs doing two push-ups each. In the first twenty minutes. Anyways in the midst of our balance+arm workout section I started to get dizzy. I ignored it. Then I started to get double vision and I all of a sudden couldn't hear. And what do you know, my legs started to give and the world began spinning. I as unatrusively tried to sneak out of class without making a scene, and then basically blacked out in the hall. Thank goodness the front desk girl had some bread she gave me. Then after a bit of sitting my color came back and I didn't feel so awful. Oh walking back into class I could have DIED. I hope no one saw that episode.

But you know what made it all better? Stopping in to do the next thing on my list, which was some shopping at my favorite boutique Cherry Lane and seeing that Mindy Gledhill was performing+workshop on talents. I skipped my hair cut to stay and listen. It was A M A Z I N G!

I love the music this sweet woman creates and her sincere presence and passion for what she does.

She had so much to say about following your dreams+exploring your talents. And what's even more is her music conveys it as well. And you know what? Both of those things need self-confidence. And Mindy has gads and gads of it.

What about you? Have you done anything to increase your self confidence or je ne said quoi this week?

Enjoy her music until tomorrow when I finish up our week on confidence. 



TexaGermaNadian said...

2pm sleep in, epic! :) Hope you feel better after that dizzy spell. No fun.
Stopped over from FTLOB, have a good one!

Harley said...

Oh! that sounds fun. and pretty much like a freaking radical coincidence.