Wednesday, April 06, 2011

You're IT

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Oh, these are a few of my favorite things....

food: The one and only, Cafe Rio Pork Salad. Hold the cilantro, double pico. Mmmm!

color: icy steel blue. Or lilac purple. Can't quite decide which right now.

animal: the dog we're soon going to have. We're thinking Golden Retriever. Thoughts?

sports team: BYU basketball. enough said.

dessert: PB choc cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. Hands down.

artist: lovin' a little Glen Hansard from The Frames. Specifically 'Falling Slowly'

pair of shoes: Jones NY Cecelius Floral Print Pump. Yes please!

outfit: Skinny cords from GAP, ballet flats, colorful V-neck top, cashmere cardigan sweater.

skinny jeans: yes thank you. So far I've only found skinnies I've loved from Express.

brand: for what specifically? I'm very picky. Currently loving shirts+tops from Nordstroms.

perfume: but of course my latest buy from Sephora, Poppy by Coach.

accessory: I'm actually really loving scarves right now. Soft, floral, light, colorful scarves.

city: San Clemente. Smack in the middle of San Fran and LA. Check it.

hobby: gardening. specifically bulbs in beautiful ceramic pots.

beauty product: NARS orgasm blush. Trust me. You'll L O V E it. So worth the money.

holiday: anyday me and my hubby have off from our jobs+school+responsibilities, which is rare.

snack: Doritos Xtra cheesy

movie: currently watching Father of the Bride via netflix; all time favorite is a close tie between Ocean's 11 and Despicable Me. Love me some Disney/Pixar.

song: loving Miranda Lambert's 'Heart Like Mine' cause we're all a little bit stubborn sometimes.

guilty pleasure: snuggling with my hubby and letting his legs warm my frozen feet...socks are a thing of the past don't you know?


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P.S. no matter what you're favorites are, be confident about them!

Happy Wednesday!


Mrs. Ali said...

I just found your blog via Jamie ;) LOVE it, although I must correct you on Despicable's a Universal movie ;) I only know this because I've worked at my local Disney Store for 4 years now, so it's kinda sad how much I know. But I'm also a proud Disney freak hahahahaha

Can't wait to hear more about your life! Oh and what temple were you married in?? I can't tell by your picture ;) We were married in the Mesa AZ one

Mrs. Ali said...

I feel like such an idiot hahahaha now that I read your profile, it said Utah thereofre Salt Lake makes sense ;) Yeah we just got married in December ;) But we've known each other since high school, so we've been together for 3 years prior to being married (granted 2 of those, he was on his mission but still, it counts) Can't wait to hear more from you!! And yeah, I LOVED Despicable Me ;) Amazing!