Sunday, April 03, 2011

joyful {inspite of the} weather

I think the absolute B E S T April fool's trick that could have been played was definitely by the weather this year! I wish I had taken a picture but the temperature yesterday morning was over 70 degrees...oh how lovely it was too! I went out and planted some freesias in our garden, swept our apt. steps, and actually put away my snow scraper for my car (p.s. how stupid of me!)

So around two A.M. when I saw this while I was at work I was just absolutely saddened...

...yes, I whole FOUR inches on my car when I left work at 6 A.M.

Happy Monday! Here are some alive, bright, beautiful things to start the week off right!

I'm only kinda proud of my beautiful plants. And of course they smell DIVINE.
They make it feel so much like spring in my apartment even though its yucky outside!


Oh yes, I would love to have a saturday on that in a garden, reading a bit of
Jane Austen with some lemonade. Ah, summer, come quick!


Oh my goodness! Adorable! I can't wait to get our puppy in a couple months.
...and then maybe another one after that.

E. Taylor. 
Gorgeous + Confident. 
Legend + Classic

This week, I want to really focus on developing self confidence, and making your own je ne sais quoi. I really think that as women, especially in the spring (because of winter blues or holiday weight gain) we find things wrong with ourselves whether physically, emotionally, or whatnot. Everyone starts focusing on getting in shape for swimsuit season, or finding a new look to become 'confident'. Don't get me wrong, I struggle with that too. But I that why I want to explore this, for myself and others.


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Anonymous said... are we getting the snow too!! It's horrible!! It's still snowing actually. Just an FYI, I tagged you in a post :)