Sunday, April 10, 2011

Daddy's birthday+splurge-arama

Sorry for being a day late guys. I just wanted to say, I have done my best to stop negative self-talking, which has already in a week improved my self-confidence.

Hope everyone's weekend was great! My daddy's birthday was today, but we celebrated it yesterday by going to SIZZLER!

{And of course we did a puzzle}

Happy birthday daddy! I love you so so much. You taught me about compassion, kindness, charity, sympathy, and saying sorry first. All that I needed to know to prepare me for marriage. I miss you so much since I've moved out of home. I miss you waking me up for school, or to go grocery shopping with you. I miss you making me grilled cheese sandwhichs, 
and I miss having you waiting up for me when I get home from a date.

I love you so so much! 

And comes my big surprise... I bought this on a last minute splurge impulse...

And I'm smitten. 

{I took this with my new play toy}

I plan to take many fun+inventive photoshoots. I want to get good. I am so glad that I bought this, I've always wanted to get into photography since it's one of my undeveloped loves 
but I never wanted to spend all that money on the gear.

Good news is that I got it for a S T E A L! 
Seriously, half of what a full priced tech store wanted.
Look forward to some fun stuff. 
Any advice+suggestions+comments are W E L C O M E !

Happy new week!

p.s. blog address changes tonight at midnight. 
No if's and's or buts' about it.


Ute Family said...

Nice camera! That's the one I have! I love it. I also got the longer lens to go with it and I love that as well! I took a couple of classes to get the basics of the camera and it really helped me understand how to take a better photo! I went to and signed up for two classes last year! Or, you could NOT be lazy and just do the research yourself on how to use it (I was just too lazy to look it up...classes were much easier..haha!).

Have fun!

Dustin and Kelsey said...

ooo i've been dying to get one of those cameras! where did you get a good steal?

Tucker said...

Congrats on the new camera! that was my first DSLR. and it was a good one! you'll love it.