Saturday, April 02, 2011

Its time... make the announcement. No, we're NOT pregnant. But we have announced to our landlord that we plan to move out at the end of May. Mainly to move closer to our parents (by fifteen minutes), to move by our friends (they all live in Pleasant Grove-you know who you are), and to get a puppy (we're still deciding on the brand so any advice or suggestions would be most welcome).

So along with the addition of a puppy(ies?) to our little family, I figured it was also a perfect time to change our blog URL! I have for a while, wanted this blog to be more than just a daily update on Jared and I's happenings. I want it to be about our family, but also about my crafts+gardening+hobbies+yoga doings. And hopefully it can become more than that as I redesign and renew it to become something to uplift. So along with changing the look and everything else, it only made sense to update the address/name as well!

Feel free to come along for the ride.

p.s. the new URL will be

p.p.s. those who are 'follow'ers will still be updated automatically

p.p.p.s.  I am changing the URL address 4.9.11
you have been warned.


Katie said...

yay for puppies! We have a Husky and a Weimaraner...and both are wonderful! {and full of energy} We adopted both and I would definitely recommend doing that...there are so many pups that need a good home!

Whity Wife said...

That's so exciting!

As far as the 'Brand' of puppy- (some others might say breed, but i like brand) might i suggest a Cairn Terrier

List of why:
No shedding if groomed correctly
hypoallergenic (so no allergies for guests)
extremely smart
are good in apartment life/ small areas
super cute
very friendly
quick to adapt
great with kids
great with other breeds of dogs (is socialized)
you will be able to say you have a toto dog
they come in a variety of colors (if you like white, go with a westie)