Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Moldable Creativity

As part of trying to find new un-developed loves, I have undertaken trying to do that myself this week. One thing I've always been fascinated with, is cake design. Anyone addicted to Cake Boss? Point

So seeing as Sandra from work is an expert cake decorator, what would be better then getting a bit of tutorial from her? Well Sunday, Tori from ScottyandTori and I headed over to Sandra's and spent about three hours perfecting curvy lines, shell borders, roses, and more. It was actually A LOT harder then I thought it would be. Muscles in my hands that I never even knew I had hurt afterwards!

My writing could definitely use some work. In the end it was so much fun! Messy, but definitely a B L A S T. Of course everything is so much more fun when you do it with friends.

Have you decided what you want to experiment learning?

And please remember....

"The most common misconception is that we would have to leave our current lives in order to pursue our dreams. It is easier for us to use our jobs, families, financial situations, time obligations, ets., as a way (or ways) to keep us "safe" from the anxiety caused by stepping out of our comfort zones into the cerative process. When we allow ourselves to be thus thwarted, we deny ourselves tremendous joy. The most effective way to confront blocks is to form creative cluster groups in the lives we're already leading." 
-Julia Cameron

 Give yourself permission to follow your dreams+passions+creativity.

Find something new to do today.


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christine donee said...


And your cake turned out beautiful! I'm sure mine would be a complete disaster!