Saturday, June 05, 2010

Day 11: Shower five+first 'Girls Party'

Today was an EXTREMELY eventful day! Woke up, did my Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred video (love it!) and then got ready for my home wards' shower which was combined from my old ward, and my parents home ward. Everyone was so sweet and amazing and I was so glad to get to see so many people who I looked up to when I was younger! The absolutely amazing Suzie Gardener, Mazie Crays and Tia Knopf (my mothers visiting teachers), along with my old Young Women's pres. Liz Welch threw me an absolutely beautiful and fun shower. The food was divine, and the presents were all so thought out it was so sweet. The theme was "The ONE thing you can't live without". It was a great theme, because everyone thought of really creative things, and so far we have only two duplicates out of all my showers!

 the inspiring Suzie Gardener
 Liz Welch, me, and Heather Brown
Suzie Johnson, Mom, Mazie

Then I rushed to get a white elephant gift for my first ever Girl's Party! I'm so glad I got invited by Sherrie and Breck to be part of this fun group of women. They get together every six months for a evening of fun including delicious food, and fun games and every single woman was SO nice to me, and treated me as if they had known me for years. The white elephant game was INTENSE. It took from start to finish about three hours. There was so much 'stealing' of presents back and forth it was ridiculous! But so much fun!

Trying to 'weigh' the presents-apparently that was the way to pick a good one...
Here's my almost mother-in-law picking hers!
Sherrie, Aunt Blynn, Breck, and Me
The whole group (its a little blurry, we were moving)

I'm so grateful to already be finding good friends that are in similar points in life that I am. I certainly have been praying for some great couples that can be friends to Jer and I down in Springville, because I'm horrified we're going to move and we'll be the only couple without children under the age of 30 in the ward. I had so much fun and I can't wait for the Christmas Party, I already know what I'm going to do for my white elephant gift!

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