Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Day 7: special nights

I spent most of my day at home today, which made Jer surprising me and taking me to my FAVORITE restaurant even more special! I looked terrible, so sorry. I didn't make the effort to shower, instead I watched Sandra Bullock movies (love her!) as I packed up more of my room.

You can see the hints of paradise in this picture. Jer AND Red Rock
Love Salt Lake City when there's a storm rolling in! Most of my childhood memories involve that warm breeze before a rain storm.
The most divine treat ever, fried green tomatoes! Jer makes them really good, we just need to master the sauce. That's what makes them! They're not exactly on my diet list, but I've been really good of late.
I love this man! Look at that smile, so handsome!
Nothing beats kissing in the rain for romantics, its our favorite. 

This next week cannot go faster for either of us. We are both so ready to be together forever, and to be able to have a couple weeks with no stress, and no wedding planning going on while we are together. I love this man, and even in our darkest times we remember the love and times we've shared. We certainly signed up for a hard fight, but its all worth it. And so the important countdown begins.

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