Thursday, June 03, 2010

Day 14: don't you just love stores like that?!

Don't you just love the store you walk out of thinking, I am sooo grateful to have this store near my house. Stores like Kohls, when you are checking out and the cost is half what you thought because of some mysterious 50% off sale you didn't know about?

Or Roberts when giant sized bags of pearls that you're going to spend half a day sewing onto your veil only cost THIRTY THREE CENTS!? How can you not LOVE THAT!?!

And then there are your secret addictions, such a Cafe Rio (I have NEVER had a bad experience, ever at a Cafe Rio) or say a frozen yogurt store? I love frozen yogurt. If it didn't have so much sugar added in even though its low fat, and I didn't double the calories by topping it with my favorite treat Reese's, I would go every single day. It's a shame Jer doesn't like frozen yogurt as much as I do, but that will also help once we're married...I won't have any best girl friends to go indulge myself with (although I will miss them terribly).

But I've got a VERY important dress to fit into, and I'm afraid that takes priority. So tomorrow (or today seeing as its 12:24 AM) is the start of my pre-wedding serious workout where I push myself. It will all be worth it on our wedding day which is only TWO WEEKS away!!!

Today was the final floral consult and it was wonderful, and we got everything sorted and ordered. We also got my going away dress from the tailors and its going to be so cute! We're finalizing picture placement at the reception, and little details currently and tomorrow I will go finalize the cake. Its all coming together!

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