Friday, June 04, 2010

Day 12: marriage license

Yesterday, I remembered a lot of things we'd forgotten that were rather important...a toss bouquet, some specific pictures of Jer for the reception, and a marriage license. You can't get married without this silly slip of paper that takes about ten minutes to fill out, and sign! But still, I didn't want to put it off any longer, and since they're good for 30 days in the state of Utah, I talked Jer into going today to get one, just in case I somehow forget next week (its very possible I will).

Here we are happily presenting our basic proof of our common law marriage
He signed, that means he loves me a lot :)

So we have twelve days left until we are OFFICIALLY married in the Salt Lake Temple. For now we are just busyily trying to get everything moved into our apartment, while we live at our parents houses until the special day! Someone asked me the other day why we started renting so early (two weeks before you get married isn't really that early) but to answer their question, we wanted to get the furniture moved in and not have to worry about it all the day we get married or worse, the day after we get married. So for now poor Jer is sleeping on a single twin mattress on the floor until we get hitched. And his room is basically bare of furniture as is mine...but it'll all pay off in the end. I can't wait for nights like tonight when we can actually be at our own apartment eating pizza and watching a movie and not at one of our parents houses!

P.s. totally forgot to workout today, we were just so busy. My plan is to wake up really early before the shower tomorrow and do it then! Better late then never right?

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Katie and Rob said...

I really like your hair in that picture! It looks really good!