Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Day 8: busy busy

Unfortunately, today was rather uneventful. Just a from here-to-there kind of day. As soon as I woke up I went down to Provo where I dropped off my wedding dress for cleaning (a little late but it'll be ready by next Monday), went and took a whole care load down to the apartment...its starting to look more full now. Sorry, I didn't think to take pictures. Anyways then I went and applied at some nursing homes down in Springville. Although I'll continue to work for my home health jobs when we get married and back from our honeymoon, they just don't offer enough hours.

So I told my soon to be cousin May, and sister in law Breck that I would test the old wives tales of putting vinegar on sun burns to help them tan faster. Alas, unless its supposed to be more than 24 hours before the results appear, I think I have proved that myth to be FALSE. The only thing that has helped is 800 mg of ibuprofin every eight hours and smothering myself with aloe vera that has lidocane added in.

Oh goodness, the complaining I have done from this sunburn and how irritable its made me. Thank you so much Jer for putting up with me and my stubbornness and my oddities about how I think things should be. And how you are calm or act calm when I get mad or frustrated or short tempered. I love you for so many reasons, and these are just a few of those. I love how you smile, and still hold my hand even if we don't agree on something. You are truly my better half. I'll see you tomorrow honey, have a good time at work.

P.S. I never put our engagements online, but I figured since we'll have all the bridals and wedding photos to put up after the wedding, the engagements will be forgotten. So I'm putting my favorites up now. Can you believe all these beautiful photos were taken by my roommate Krystle? She's amazing basically!

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Katie and Rob said...

I like this last one! It's really cute!