Monday, June 21, 2010

First days as a Newlywed

The first couple days have been rather eventful for Jer and I. Including dealing with returns and exchanges, setting up our apartment, and me starting my new job, we have spent some family time with the in-laws. We went boating Saturday at Pineview Lake and had a blast.

I did the first run of the day
Because everyone else was too chicken

Jer went after me, and Dad had to make a quick turn and unfortunately almost drowned my husband. He didn't mean to, and he felt absolutely awful, but Jer is fine he just hurt his ankle. There were so many boats out there and the wind was contributing to making the water AWFUL. Dad only did a short run and then we quickly headed to shore. I am so grateful that summer has FINALLY come!!! 

Here are some quick pics of the part of our apartment that are basically done being put together...

Kitchen counter, entrance to our apt. is on the left
Our bathroom that you can see from our bed

We love being married and are so excited to go on our honeymoon Sunday on a Western Caribbean Cruise! YAY!!!

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