Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 16: Fishing with the guys

For a city girl, I soon will be doing many not city things while married. I love that I am marrying someone who is into camping, hiking, fishing, and other outdoors activities because my family never did those things when I was growing up.

So today I tested my skills at fishing...with a new pole and fishing license in hand, along with Jer, and his Grandpa Smith. We went to a lake called 'Smith and something' up in the Uintahs up past Kamas and Oakley. I can't say I was much entertainment, I slept the whole way up and down. But I certainly kept them going while we were fishing, teaching me how to cast properly, repairing my line, and unsnagging my line from theirs every couple of minutes.

I actually enjoyed it and even though I didn't actually get to touch any of my own fish (because I haven't mastered reeling them in properly yet), I got to hold a couple of Jared's in between my now almost perfect casts. And I learned quite a couple new things about my soon to be husband while out today. There are millions of reasons why I love Jared, but I gained a whole new list of reasons for when we are fishing so here are the top fifteen just from today....

1. He kissed me everytime he had to come fix my line or pole, even though it was completely inconvenient for him

2. He put the nasty trout bait on my hook the first couple of times until I got the gumption to

3. He didn't get upset when I said "I know!" after I had let ANOTHER fish go because of improper technique while reeling it in

4. He didn't get upset when I broke two bubble's (the things you fill with water above the hook to make it sink down) by cracking them on rocks when I drew back to cast

5. He didn't laugh at me when my first couple casts only went about, oh, maybe four feet

6. He let me try and take the hook out of the first fish he caught, but I only got it more stuck and he didn't mind...

7. He kindly lent me the roll of toilet paper he had brought to use as tissues, so that I could go to the bathroom, about three times

8. He smiled when I finally got one fish all the way to my feet before it got off the line

9. He kept me entertained by sticking his tongue out at me and making faces at me

10. He let me use his black jacket when the wind picked up

11. He came and sat by me when I got stubborn and discouraged at my lack of fish results

12. He didn't care that I used almost half his brand new bottle of orange flourescent trout bait because it kept getting eaten or lost because of the fish

13. He fixed my brand new pole when I thought I had broke it (turns out I had somehow loosend a screw?)

14. He still held my hand on the way home even though it was covered with nasty smelling trout bait

15. And he didn't expect me to have amazing results my first real fishing trip

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