Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 17: Boredom at its Best

So Jer was feeling pretty sick today, not sure whether it was from his adventurous weekend shooting and fishing, or whether he caught a bug, or whether its the wedding stress and lack of sleep from so much work that finally caught up to him. I'm thinking a combination of all of the above.

None the less, I took him to Sacrament meeting today after our meeting with the Stake President where he signed off on us getting sealed, and then brought Jer home right after. He was having trouble with energy and aches and a headache and just feeling overall dizzy and woozy. So, being the mother/nurse type that I am immediately made him drink a whole glass of O.J., eat a PB&J, then had him take two Tylenol PM rapid release, and sent him downstairs for a nap.

Well then instead of going back to church, I wanted to stay home just in case he needed me. So I finished all the favors we needed assembled, and finished addressing the last of the invitations (only a week late going out), and then assembled my temple bag with all my newly bought temple garments. Now what?

Well, I went and got dad's Nikon professional and started taking pictures. Some of them are quite good, and I had fun playing with the focus. It makes me rethink if I should go into photography...just kidding! But I would absolutely LOVE to take a photography class and upgrade to a nice camera from my point-and-shoot.

Just for Em

Personally my favorite

And then dad told me to stop.

Fun over. That's ok. Someday, someday. 

Now Jer is up and going and we're off to a BBQ with his mom, Sis, bro-in-law and niece up Millcreek Canyon.

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