Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 30: starting to stuff

The countdown has officially started and the list has suddenly gotten longer then I thought it was. Hopefully with not working I won't get mega stressed out about it. Thank goodness I have an amazing mother whose job is planning huge events for her law firm.

In my last post I said I wouldn't post any pictures of the bridals. Well I figured posting a picture of the bouquet would be appropriate and just enough to show you a taste of my wedding...

Aren't they just gorgeous? As the florist said, I had a very specific view of the flowers I wanted and what I didn't want. What I didn't want included normal roses, daises, tulips, or lilies. What I did want was peonies, only problem is that they're out of season when I get married. But I got to have them for my bridals! And having one of my best friends at my wedding in June was more important than getting the flowers I am in love with for a wedding in May. If you can't tell from the bouquet, the colors for the wedding are lilac, dusty pink, and a light blue. Very vintage, antique, and pastel-y which is definitely my taste. You'll just have to come to the wedding to see all the other details!

Today was spent stuffing the invitations, which is going to result in LOTS of paper cuts. But they're worth it!

RULE 1 for an engaged girl: practice your cursive, it makes it easier for the postman to read the addresses!

Hopefully the car is ready tomorrow. So far no word on that. Jer is at work, and I am at home. Jer is constantly working graves, and then he comes home and sleeps, and then gets up and goes to his other job. I feel so lazy not working. I miss my job, and my patients, and I wish this month would go faster. But there's still plenty to do, so I'll go do it!

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