Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 29: second bridals

I'll have to make this quick to have it be the entry for the 29th day from MY WEDDING. Today was filled only with continuing to rip apart, and de-cluter my life to downsize all the crap I have to fit into our new tiny apartment, and more importantly into the closet that will soon be mine. I sorted through all my shoes and purses, and that took a good couple hours. It's ridiculous and yet believable that from working at a shoe store (Famous Footwear) for almost a year, I bought so many shoes. Half of which I basically never wear, or haven't seen since high school. I am arking (sending to the D.I.) over 15, maybe 20 pairs of shoes that are so out of style, ugly, or don't fit that I can't conceivably imagine myself ever wearing them again. I then went through all my purses, whether dirty, torn, broken, or just plain juvenile and am arking all of them except two. One I shall keep as a back up to my everyday pink Coach purse, and the other to use for church books and scriptures. Tomorrow I shall turn my attention to my books, and then my accessories (scarfs, belts, hats, etc).

It's really sad to see how much stuff I thought was wonderful over the years, and now I just look at it as junk. The amount of money invested in this 'stuff' is ridiculous. I think I should go to a shopaholics anonymous group. Or maybe caring more about having an apartment and food on the table will force me to change my ways. It's all about growing up.

After that I did my hair, makeup, and had Jer help me pack up all my wedding attire to go take a second round of bridals. I know I already had one set just last week, but these ones were done by a friend and will be the pictures displayed at the reception. The other bridal photos I can see, but to use them for the reception I have to either buy the copyright, or pay a small fortune per photo. This way I will save some money, and have a multitude of beautiful pictures at my reception. And in three years I will get to have my engagments and bridals to use as I want per the rules of Gallery Photography.

 (All the bobby pins from my hair...can you say bobby pin headache?)

So thank you so much to Jer who helped haul my heavy dress to Joseph Smith Memorial Building today in the pouring rain. He's a sweetheart and I can't wait for our wedding day!

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Emily said...

I'm going through all of my junk this week as I prepare to pack up and once again move across the country. I have to get rid of so much stuff! I have about 20 purses, 40 pairs of shoes, a dozen scarves... on and on... and that's just from the time I've been living back here (8 months!). No fun!

P.S. Your bouquet is GORGEOUS! Miss you!