Sunday, May 02, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The showers for the wedding have started. The first was yesterday and was a pampered chef party. It was actually a lot of fun and has me and Jared set up with lots of kitchen things that we need for sure! Bad news that happened on Friday was I got into a car accident, most likely totaled my car, hit my head (no concussion), and am now car-less. It was overall traumatizing, and I'm now left worrying what I'm going to do about a car. Because I definitely need a car for my job. Second piece of bad news is that my puppy will be put down this week. He's not really a puppy (he's almost 13 years old), and he's in a lot of pain. He's lost his ability to walk for the most part, and is going deaf and blind. This is going to be a really hard week but it's all part of the change to growing up and marriage. It's all for the best because he's in so much pain, but its still hard having my play mate from when I was seven die. I will be glad when this week is over. I may or may not be having a self pity party but hopefully tomorrow will bring better news

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