Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 26: writing the future

Today was a momentous day for me since my car accident. I finally got a new car, and not only is it new, but it has been my dream car since high school! Its all been very surreal since I found out I could get a Mazda 3.

I love the color, love the interior, love the exterior, love the smoothness of it. The only thing I miss is the true feel of a manual. This has the option of moving from automatic to manual but there's no true clutch so whatever. But I'm moving forward and this is the most eye opening step to me that I am on a journey to 'writing the future'. I have another shower tomorrow and then am going to spend the weekend continuing to take apart my bedroom, and stuff all the rest of the invites.

P.S. Watch this ad. Its awesome, and makes me want to get more involved in soccer.

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