Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 19: finding the frames for the pictures

Would you be shocked if I told you we need approximately 45 pictures to display around our reception? There is an entire three shelf hutch to fill, plus tables, the entrance, and some random tables around the area. Basically where ever you look, you will see pictures of Jer and I. We don't have troubles finding pictures to display as we have about 100 between our bridals, engagements, and proposal. No, its collecting and figuring out which size frames we still need or whatnot.

Well, my mother didn't believe me after I guestimated on how many we'd need to decorate the reception center. It didn't go over well.

We drove home and jumped into action once we got home figuring out which picture frames we could use just for June 17th from 6-8 p.m. instead of putting a ton of money into pictures frames.

The next daunting task will be figuring out aesthetically which picture(s) should go on which table....decisions, decisions. That will be even more stressful then today I think. I'm sure I'm going to get an ulcer from all this. I hope its all worth the work once the reception comes!

P.S. I put a counter on the blog to see if anyone actually reads it, and surprisingly about 25 per day do! That makes me glad that people are actually reading my blog, and this isn't all for waste. Shout-out to all those who check my blog each day, I would have stopped doing daily updates a week ago if my best girl friend Em hadn't said she reads them everyday.

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Emily said...

Every single day! I have to keep up to date with the wedding plans!