Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 25: Food storage

Today was my halfway point in showers! I have now had three, and have three more left. It was my Mills' shower and the theme was Food Storage. I'm really glad I picked that because we got some great food storage items, but then also a lot of general cooking/baking goods such as flour and sugar. Goodness knows my new mixer will be put to good use. We also got some of our really needed kitchen items like nice cookie sheets. We are however in dire need of bed sheets, storage containers, and decorative things like lamps, or mirrors. Good thing one of my showers is general housewares.

I think the one thing I am dreading from this marriage is the process of dealing with Target after we get married. We need certain things, and Target's return policy is apparently really difficult/complicated and I'm worried. Very worried.

After the shower I went home and tried to catch up on address trackdown for wedding invitations, and writing thank you notes. I have still not completed either and am exhausted. So goodnight.

P.S. don't ever buy popcorn on an impulse. My body hates me for it currently, and it made for a bad end to a great date. Movie theater popcorn is a BAD IDEA. That's my Number TWO bride's rule/tip.


Emily said...

Call me before you have to return stuff at Target... I used to work at the guest services desk at the one in Orem, and I can tell you how to get through the process without wanting to crawl in a hole and die. You're right, though, they make it so difficult.

JaredandMelissaSmith said...

Ah really?!?! You are my saving angel! I am horrified about the returning process. When the clerk was explaining it to me I felt like my head was spinning it was so complicated!