Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 23: Congratulations

We've been engaged over three months now, and people are BARELY getting to congratulating me on the engagement. I can totally understand people waiting to give me congratulations in person because that's well, more personable and I appreciate it more. And don't get me wrong, I really do appreciate being congratulated in honest and congenial ways.

But when people who I've had contact with since the engagement, whether on facebook or even in person, are barely saying "congratulations on your engagement" over text or facebook chat, it just makes it seem cheap using that form of communication, and especially the way it is expressed. Like they just barely noticed and feel obligated, not because they care, but because its socially required. It takes the true meaning out of it, and it almost sounds like they're spitting nails rather than being warm and friendly. Especially when its someone whose already gone through marriage, and are just congratulating the next one in line, but with the attitude 'I've already gone through this so yours isn't important'. Has anybody else noticed this or is it just me?

I suppose this is how it'll be all through life, once we're married (finally), and then when we have children (in five good long years), and then when we're empty nesters (in a really really long time). It just seems like these rare and precious experiences get turned into petty little opportunities for others to gawk at you. Or worse yet when they try and stick it to you about how much better theirs was than yours. It truthfully gets so old I could scream. I guess its just all part of the ordeal though and I'd better get used to it. 

Anyways, my mother had an brilliant idea to try and take some of the name brand things I was sending to the D.I. to a consignment store instead. So today I hauled in two HUGE bags of almost every single one of my Abercrombie shirts from when I worked there, and all the purses that were stacked in my closet. I got a whole $25, but that's still more than I would have gotten from taking them to the D.I. I didn't think to take the jeans that aren't garment appropriate, so I'll take those in on Wednesday and see if they'll take them. I'm so glad to finally be getting rid of all these clothes, especially the Abercrombie clothes. I seriously was a walking advertisement for them my senior year of high school. I have graduated to cute, no-brand on my shirt clothes, and am grateful I made the transition.

I have also officially printed my 'Friends Address List' to stuff and address all those invites tonight. So if I asked for your address and you didn't get it to me, sorry but tough luck.

RULE #3 for a engaged girl: although they are the fashionable thing to do, and very convenient to not have to do touch-ups on your nails...keep your acrylic nails short, or don't get them. I jammed my thumb into my steering wheel going to the consignment store and pulled the nail back far and it still hurts very VERY bad a couple hours later.

P.S. I've had a lot of people asking for pictures of the bridals. I won't even let my mother-in-law see the bridal pictures until after the wedding, let alone all of my family and friends. I will however put up some pictures Jared from our bridals.

Isn't he just so handsome?

Oh my goodness do I love this man

Look at that stud! And he's all mine!

Thanks go to my dad for the pictures seeing as I was standing in a dress, with a veil, and flowers in my hands busy posing. I can't wait for the wedding when I get to first kneel and then stand by this handsome man!!!

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Katie and Rob said...

I must say people's comments do get tiring, I remember a kid in my singles ward the sunday before I got married was like, "are you sure you want to get married? are you sure?" trying to bug me and I was like ya I do! People are dumb and alot of times bitter because their marriages don't turn out like they want them too.Or they aren't married and bitter cuz they can't find anyone perfect enough. I think you and jared are perfect for each other and I am so grateful for you coming into to his life and making that boy happy! People forget that the you have to make it through the rough patches to get to the happily ever after.