Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 20: D.I. and consignment

For your entertainment...

I love this ad! Even though I will absolutely NEVER drive a minivan. I simply refuse. I'd rather drive my children around in a smaller car then a minivan. A crossover would be ideal though!

Ok, so I did some major trips to the D.I. today. Two whole giant boxes full of clothes and things that I haven't worn in years and probably won't ever again. The only things I can't quite make myself part with yet is all my dance clothes. I'd rather give it to my nieces then to D.I. so I might do that. It was quite the task trying to load the heavy boxes into my car. Too bad my strong, handsome man was at home sleeping from his grave shift.

I also went and tried to sell some things to consignment and a second hand store near Gateway which takes gently used name brand items. They took some of my things, but surprisingly didn't want my Abercrombie Jeans, so I'll keep those for activities I can hurt my clothes in like hiking, camping, or fishing.

My room is slowly getting taken apart, which is a good thing. But its also sad. But there are lots of new and exciting adventures to come and I can't wait!

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