Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 18: girls just want to have fun

My single friends shower was just a blast! It was themed as a 'Continuing Dating Shower' and Em, my maid of honor did an absolutely amazing job with the decorations, the food, and everything. I enjoyed spending time with friends and talking about Jer and I, and our plans of moving, school, and leftover wedding planning. We ate some delicious and adorable little pancakes with nutella, and then some cute cookies Em had stayed up until five in the morning making. I'm sad about the girls who didn't come, but I understood seeing as it was memorial weekend and lots of people went on vacation.

 The amazing decorations and food that Emily worked so hard on!

Then Em, Awi, and I spent the rest of the day cleaning up, running errands, and relaxing. We took all the gifts back to my house, picked up Jer and I's baby pictures to make the video, and then watched Sherlock Holmes which Awi had never seen before.

Then Bill came over (he's back from the academy), and we all went to Cafe Rio! It was loads of fun, and I've missed these fun outings we used to have like in High School. The only things that were missing was Gregg and Adam. Then Em, Bill, and I went to see Robin Hood which is amazing, but its harder to pay attention even to a good movie, when you are COMPLETELY exhausted. Overall it was a very fun day but I still missed Jer who was out fishing all day.

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